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Hikes with Yoga & meditation for beginners

Do you like being in nature and want to disconnect from your daily business? Would you like to learn about Yoga and meditation and how to integrate it in your daily business?

Great! Then come with me on a Mini-Vacation and learn Yoga and meditation in beautiful & calm surroundings.

mindful hikes walks with Yoga and meditation in CDMX Mexico City

What are my hikes about?

Be prepared! After those hikes you won't never walk through Nature again like before. ;-)


You will get a key to a beautiful world you already know when you was a child. 


I would like to share with you some great and heart opening methods from of Stephen Harrods Buhner book The Secret Teaching of Plants those invite you to connect again with yourself and Nature on a deeper level.


My hikes are on a beginner level on which I will introduce you to Yoga and different kinds of meditation (e.g. mindful mediation, walking meditation etc). 


•○● Yoga and meditation beginners are very welcome! ●○•


If you have any questions feel free to email me or via WhatsApp (998 134 97 97). Ask for Jeanine.

Next hikes?

  • Sunday, 05th of August from 11:00am to 02:30pm
  • Saturday, 18th of August from 12:00pm to 03:30pm
  • Saturday, 01st of September from 12:00pm to 03:30pm


What to bring?

  • Hiking shoes or jogging shoes, light jacket and flexible clothes (leggings or jogging pants)
  • big towel or blanket for the Yoga and meditation lessons
  • something to drink and eat during the trip


200 pesos per person

+++ Hikes for one person or small groups +++

In addition I offer special hikes for one person or small groups that will be designed for your needs.


Just message me or text me on WhatsApp (998 134 97 97) to talk about the options :-).

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Join me and get inspiration :-)