What can you get?

Travel to come closer...

...back to yourself

  • Out of your daily business you will have the perfect opportunity to expand your comfort zone and get to know to new things about yourself.
  • My very relaxing Yoga and meditation classes will help you during the tour to find inner balance and just take time for yourself. You don’t need to have any previous Yoga or meditation experience.
    • My Yoga style is a mixture of Hatha and Yin Yoga and it’s very good for beginners and people who work in an office.
    • I will introduce you to different kinds of meditations.
  • In addition I'll share with you some coaching methods those might help you to get to know better to yourself and your wishes. This methods you can use later in your daily business. 

...to other cultures

  • Get to know to the Mexican culture in a non-touristic way and try out a jewelry or tortilla class with locals.
  • I will show you Mexico’s beautiful spirit and why I fell in love with this beautiful country.
  • Moreover I would like to introduce you to the low-priced and healthy Mexican cuisine, which has more to offer than just tacos.
  • Well… the food is one of the reasons why I always come back :-)

...to simplicity in life

  • According to the slogan ‘travel light and live light‘ we will travel just with necessary things and stay in comfortable and family-like hostels in shared dorms.
  • You will get the chance to experience what is important during travelling for you and what you really need.

...to nature

  • Apart from its cultural heritage Mexico offers beautiful and diverse nature. From desert to mountains, ocean and jungles, you can find everything there.
  • To get to know to this diverse nature we will stay one night in the jungle of Palenque and some of the Yoga and meditation classes will be out among nature.
  • At these places there won’t be any Wi-Fi available, hence you will have the chance to experience how it feels to not always be online.
  • Your compensation will be a closer connection with nature.