•○● Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed. • B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga class Klasse in Barcelona in English Deutsch German

Relaxing Yoga in nature in CDMX (in English & Spanish)

Doing Yoga in nature is a very beautiful experience that feels like taking "mini" vacation from your daily business in the city.


This Yoga class is for you if you are looking for gaining flexibility, build up strength, free your mind and for a deeper connection with Nature. The Yoga style is a mixture of classic Hatha and Yin Yoga.


Especially if your work is mainly sitting this class will be great for your body and mind.


*** Beginners are very welcome! ***


My style is a combination of Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga with great focus on alignment, building up strength and flexibility. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me through Meetup or via WhatsApp (998 134 97 97).


I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!





  • Every Saturday at 9:00 am (60min.)

 In addition I offer private classes at your home. I will bring everything needed with me, Check out my offer.


We will meet in front of Totem Canadienses.


  • Drop in clase = MXN 100 per person
  • 4-class-pass = MXN 320

If you come with a friend, you will receive 50% discount on the drop-in class.

What to bring?

  • Big towel or yoga mat (I can also bring you a yoga mat, just let me know :-) ).
  • Comfortable clothes (leggings, jogging pants).

What students say

Bianca H., Germany

 "I was very glad when a friend of mine introduced me to Jeanine and her yoga class.  It was a very restless and stressful time in my life, so I started to join Jeanine's yoga class every week for a couple of months. I was a bit scared the first time, as I never did yoga before and consider myself more a couch potato. But I enjoyed it a lot, it was a very relaxing class and I learned to focus on the here and now and to not think about what I still have to do.


The class gave me my energy back and my mind and my body got stronger as well. I really enjoyed every single class and would definitely recommend the class to everyone who needs some relaxation and who needs more energy, or whoever wants to meet a very interesting person.

Christina T., Denmark

"I attended Jeanine's yoga classes during some months in Barcelona.

I have really loved attending her classes, I had only done little yoga in my life before and Jeanine's style was exactly what I needed in this moment. Having a long workweek in an office and rushing around the big city made it necessary with this little break for myself during the week.


She allowed me to relax completely, feel myself and my body and think about what I needed instead of rushing around like crazy. After the classes I was always in such a relaxed place, a very happy little bubble where I wouldn't even notice the rush of the city on my way home. Very recommendable!"

Kevin B., Washington D.C, USA 

"I attended Jeanine's yoga and meditation class and really enjoyed them both.


I am  medically retired from the U.S. Marines, and have significant pain from injuries sustained in combat. I have also found that being present and focused are always a challenge. Within a few moments of meeting Jeanine she addressed my specific needs, and she was very compassionate. 


I felt very comfortable the whole time. After the yoga and meditation I felt so rejuvenated and focused. I am thankful to know Jeanine and would recommend her classes."

Some Impressions